In our range of whole spices, we have cumin seeds that are used in Indian curries and gravies to add nutty flavour. People can dry roast these seeds and grind them into powder form.
Fryums Masala
Get your store stocked up with Fryms spices, as the consumption rate is high not only in India, but all over the world. The spices are added to snacks and main course dishes to enhance the taste and aroma.
Spices Seasonings
From Sing Bhujiya seasoning masala to pudina masala, find a variety of free flowing seasonings for snacks. These are distributed easily over the snacks produced and coated over them uniformly.
Popcorn Masala
When you want something to munch on, but aren't necessarily hungry-popcorn is one snack every dietician recommends. Adding popcorn masala will enhance its taste to another level. 

Chilli Powder
Whether you need chilli powder to add colour or both, colour and hot flavour, you can get the desired type to suit your taste. We have in stock a number of different types of chilli powder to choose from.
Spice Powder
Trust only Amazon brand when it comes to Indian spices in the form of powder. The spice powder is utilized in daily-basis cooking in many households, restaurants, hotels and street food corners. 
Dehydrated Vegetable
No need to chop or cut fresh vegetables, if you have a stock of dehydrated vegetables. You can similarly use these vegetables in cooking as you would use fresh vegetables. The shelf life of dried vegetables is more.
Citric Acid
Buy from us two main forms of citric acid which can be used in safely in normal quantities. Both forms differ by the way these two are obtained. The citric acid is highly demanded in food, beverage, dairy and other industries. 
Food Additives
If you want to enhance the flavour of processed food or increase their volume, all you need to use are food additives. Our company supplies different varieties of additives that are economical and safe to use.
Cheese Powder
The cheese powder can be used for topping snacks; in addition to increasing the creaminess of baked food and snacks, like potatoes, pasta and more. You can use this powder while cooking or as a seasoning.
Salt Powder
Whether you need rock salt or black salt, come to us. Our company can supply in salt for your food processing unit. This condiment is used almost in every kitchen to add salty flavour into savoury dishes.

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